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Basic Feng Shui Course

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Feng Shui is regarded as both a science and an art. It is a science because the correct practice of Feng Shui requires very exact measurements of dimensions and compass directions. Feng Shui is also an art – a skill borne of experience and common sense- the skill of arranging one’s immediate living and work space to further strengthen this vital balance and harmony.

Advance Feng Shui Course

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FENG-SHUI and 8 mansion formula also known as PA-CHAI. But this study is not enough as the energy of Earth keeps on changing. The energy of places changes with time. In FENG-SHUI the most important set of cycles are the nine cycles there are twenty years is each cycle and it is important to pinpoint in which year the house was completed.


• Feng Shui brings in more opportunities and prosperity
• Feng Shui helps to increase the personal luck factor
• Feng Shui helps developing friends luck and your romance luck
• Feng Shui helps attracting more success
• Feng Shui helps avoiding negative influences over yourself and your home
• Feng Shui helps maintain good health of everyone in the home
• Feng Shui can be used to select an appropriate property for home and business
• Feng Shui can be vital in resolving any problem in your home and office
• Feng Shui increases and improves the energy flow at home and in work place
• Feng Shui can harmonize your environment for optimum living and working

Feng Shui can create a harmonious environment that improves a person's health, the clarity of mind and alertness. In this way the person has the energy and wisdom to deal with a lot of things including making money. Good Feng Shui does not bring you wealth if you do not go for it but it should give you the necessary urge to seek fame and fortune.

No. Feng Shui has no religious background. Some "Feng Shui masters" claim to have learnt Feng Shui from a Buddhist monk. This is not creditable. A real Buddhist is prohibited to practice Feng Shui and all kinds of fortune telling. Feng Shui is an unconventional science that has theoretical results supported by unverified statistical data. The task of Feng Shui students in the future is to integrate Feng Shui into conventional science. To claim that there is a more powerful transcendental part of Feng Shui is nothing more than deceitful marketing.

Yes, fengshui can save relationship. Those who have learnt or have obtain knowledge of fengshui must first consider the relationship trigram of the Ba gua which is located in the back right corner of your home, when you are standing at the front door and looking in.
Once you've analyzed what your home's Marriage trigram says about your relationship, it's time to take steps to fix the way your marriage is reflected in your home. Like:

Activate the relationship trigram with intention:
  • First, fix anything that doesn't feel right in this area of your home.
  • Get rid of any objects that don't make you happy. If the space is dark, consider task lighting, candles or a Himalayan salt lamp, depending on what will fit the space.
  • Add fresh cut flowers or a live plant to empower the space and set your intention to create a happier (marriage) relationship.
  • Fix family photos in the relationship trigram and other areas of your home where you will see them every day.

A toilet in ancient China is a dirty place. Germs multiply there and cause health problems. When someone is sick, money has to be spent and a lot of money making opportunities are missed. It also has a bad effect on the relationship between family members particularly the husband and the wife. Therefore it should be located at a remote position. In today's houses unless you do not flush the toilets and maintain them in clean and hygienic condition, toilets do not contribute any harmful effects. Some of the ancient Feng Shui rules have to be revised. It is irresponsible teaching that flushing the toilet flushes out the wealth.

Yes. If you put your house plant in a place with fresh air, sunshine, right humidity and temperature, free from harmful radiation (sha chi), there is no reason why it will not grow well. What is bad for a plant is also bad for you. Find out the cause and do something to cure the house.

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