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Amethyst improves the thinking process. Wear it your Left arm to encourage logical thinking as well as reduce stress. This stone is very good for people in the analytic line, such as finance or teaching.

Rose Quartz

Rejuvenates physically and emotionally. Brings clarity to emotions, restores harmony to mind & attunes the heart to the soothing energy of love. Wear to energize your romance & luck.

Tiger Eye Bracelet

A good stone for men, as it encourages mental stability, flexibility and dynamism. It is as excellent talisman to be Worn for those starting out in their new careers as it stimulates the willpower and the desire for success.


Citrine brings money, luck to those who wear it on their arm. Often found in bright gold colour. Improves career, luck as well as an excellent talisman for those who are in managerial positions.

Clear Crystal Quartz

It removes all disturbing energies in our living space,thereby providing peace and harmony. Wear this bracelet to stimulate mental clarity and maintain emotional stability. It also balances the energies in our body and gives vitality.


For people who are absent minded / confused / unfocused. By wearing it one can concentrate upon current happenings & thus become productive. It can help to teach one how to utilize personal power in the physical world.

Black Tourmaline

Powerful stone for protection against negative energy of all kinds, a strong spiritual grounding stone. It encourages positive attitudes, good luck and happiness, regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in.

Tiger's Eye Ring

A good stone for men, as it encourages mental stability, flexibility and dynamism. It is as excellent talisman to be Worn for those starting out in their new careers as it stimulates the willpower and the desire for success.


Amber promotes fertility. Its protective and environmental clearing properties make it a good stone to use for healing or birthing room. Use with the Solar Plexus Chakra to increase confidence, mental clarity and self-expression


Enhance the creative process and improve motivation. It is an excellent stone to wear for people in the creative line or where one’s motivation needs to be improved. It is also said to bring good fortune.


Promotes healing and good health. Improves interpersonal relationship and promotes an attractive personality. Wear on the right arm to improve blood circulation through the stimulation of all the charka points.

Three Legged Toad

The three legged toad is also very auspicious as it represents good luck and prosperity. It help bringing in more prosperity money gain & good luck . You can place a combination of ingots and 3 legged toad to boost your good fortune and prosperity luck.

5 Element Pagoda

5 Yellow is very harmful affliction that affects your entire wellbeing of your home. To avoid 5 yellow affliction 5 element Pagoda is placed

Amethyst Crystal Tree

Amethyst is sometimes known as the stone of contentment and harmony, and will prevent anger and discord. To ensure harmony between you and your colleagues, superiors, subordinates place and amethyst gem tree on your desk.

Dragon Turtle

The Dragon Tortoise is a mythical creature. Place a figurine of the Dragon tortoise to gain the support of your boss, counter office politics and get you the promotion you deserve.

Coin Strip

To bring opportunity you can hang this coin strip to your main door.


The Dragon is said to create the precious cosmic Chi which brings good fortunes into our homes and workplaces.

Education Tower

Place it in your personal growth direction which is one of your 4 favorable directions to get the Educational luck.


A horse will bring you fame, recognition and good name. If you are in a competitive situation at work, place a horse in office or home will bring you victory.

Crystal Globe

The crystal globe is one of the most powerful energizers for success in fields related to education, literature, media & communications. Place a crystal globe on your desktop where you work will bring you not just success it will bring you wealth and recognition as well.

Kuan Kung Wa

A Kuan Kuang Wa is both God of War & God of Wealth. Placing the Kuan Kung in the house provides awesome protection for door and prosperity luck for all.

Mandarin Duck

Mandarin ducks are famous & potent symbols of love and marital bliss. For singles looking for love, this will create the Chi to attract a long term partner into your life.

Om Bell

OM Bell is specially used for space clearing.


Office politics is common in most workplaces. To avoid such negative energy display the figurine of a Rooster in the office. This will stop arguments, backstabbing and politicking.


Ruyi is known as the scepter of office. Display this auspicious symbol to bring the luck of power and authority.

Wealth Vase

Wealth vase helps the owner by inviting good wealth, fortune and luck. Wealth vase help to attract and strengthen the flow of wealth energy.



Hang a six-rod metal windchime to bring helpful people into your life.



Hang or display a Wuloo to your bed to overcome the bad energy. It helps as a safeguard against falling ill.


Double Carp

The Double Carp is an excellent energizer for marriage luck. These auspicious carp symbolize abundant good fortune and marital bliss. A pair of carp also ensures joyous unions.


The 3 Chillins

3 chillins is a protective measure to avoid the affliction in a particular section of your home. The Three Chillins changes their position every year. You must not sit with the 3 chillins behind you or you risk the misfortune of ccidents, lawsuits and gossip.



Bamboo is an excellent Feng Shui plant that signifies longevity and a life of good health. This is a specially grown cluster of the holy bamboo said to bring masses of good fortune into the home when brought in during the lunar New year.


Double Happiness

Double happiness symbol has always been cherished as one of the most powerful symbol of harmony. Display this symbol for marital happiness.


5 Elements Power

If you wish to bring a little romance into your life, the 5-elements Love Kit would be just the thing for you. This wonderful energizer brings together all the five elements of the universe: fire, earth, wood, metal and water using their power to bring love and passion into your life.


Fish Tank

Keeping an aquarium / fish tank in the North sector of your living room to activate for career luck.



Placing the phoenix increases our thinking power and decision making skills. Phoenix in Feng Shui is used for wish fulfilment. Placing it in the room brings you opportunity and popularity.



Placing a Buddha statue in your home can attract positive energy, prosperity, health, happiness & peace.



Ingot, symbol of prosperity, enhance your income and wealth. Wonderful wealth energizers. Place them in containers anywhere inside the home , but especially in the Northwest and West.



Owning an abacus is an auspicious sign that business will be good. You can also place an abacus in the chi sector of your work desk to boost business luck and increase your income.


Wealth God

It is said God of Wealth can bring good luck and wealth to home/office. There are one ingot and one Ru Yi, which mean good luck and wealth, are held in both his hands.


Himalayan Salt

It removes negativity from a person just by adding a pinch into the bath water. It also helps to remove negativity from our house by adding into the moping water


Himalayan rock salt Lamp

Benefits of Himalayan rock salt lamp: Erase cough & cold better sleep reduces stress cleanse & deodorize the air reduce allergy & asthma symptoms increase work productivity & concentration relieves migraine headaches


Camphor Diva

Camphor evaporated on in an oil lamp or a camphor candle. Camphor fumes remove negative energies and prepare a positive environment to attract wealth energies. Try and obtain a pure camphor product or one that has some percentage of pure camphor.


Salt Pillow

Salt pillows provide natural pain relief for a number of body aches and discomfort. Heated Salt Pillow is remarkable for easing stiffness in the joints, by placing it on the strategic areas of the body.


Kwan Yin

Is a Reiki goddess ,GOD of peace. She brings peace to the home environment.


Crystal Grapes

It enhances relationship & absorbs negative energy. It enhance mountain star.


As healing works so holistically, there is no limit to what sort of diseases of the mind, body or spirit can be helped. Healing always helps the whole person, as well as the disease. It works by bringing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies into balance such like Boosts immune system – strengthening the body's natural healing system enabling the body to remain healthy, Speeds recovery after injuries and operations, Aids the detoxification process, carrying poisons, waste products and germs out of the body, Increases blood and lymph flow to and from muscles, Reduces water retention, Helps to restore tissue to its original state, Helps to regenerate organs and bone... etc.

Clients with different opinions have been many times that I have had clients who come back to me after their first session, saying they feel much worse after the session than expected. But, in some rare cases I have known clients to feel REALLY physically and emotionally drained for a longer spell of time. Yes, As with all session, there is a release. And this release can be on a physical, emotional, energy level – so there can be many symptoms that do come up as the toxins are revealing their true Self to you. As I mentioned, it is usually mild and it doesn’t happen to everyone – after all, each and every person reacts to energy healing in such a unique way, depending on their sensitivity to energy, their energy system condition and what they need to release.
Healing is an energy therapy in which healer consciously use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. The healer acts as a channel for universal energy healing rebalances energy flows throughout the body, promoting deep relaxation on a physical, mental, emotion and spiritual level. It helps release blocked energy, maintain balance and prevents disease. Here the healer uses gentle hand techniques thought to help re-pattern the patient's energy field and accelerate healing of the body, mind, and spirit. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you.
As you know your body more than anyone else so, trust your instinct. After the healing session tends to help and ease the process of releasing. A lot of clients start assuming 1 session will heal everything, which is not the case most of the time. We sadly live in a fast track age where the expectations for getting it all sorted is highly expected to be instant and last. But healing takes time – And if there needs to be a deeper release, more sessions are beneficial and help with the process. So the released issues can be directed and dealt with as they come up. Again it depends on the trust within you and how positively you take the healing sessions.
Different people with different problems which they carry along with them. Nature the creator has created lots of protocols, or listed various healing steps, for each individual ailment, whether mental/emotional or physical. As you get started with healing the healer starts finding the protocol for your health condition. Which chakras or organs to work on. Which ones to cleanse, energize, and with which healing method to be utilized. Every healing method have different effects some gets cleanse in certain way, some feels energize depending on the client multiple health conditions. Most of the client after session starts feeling pain decrease and disappear, stress and negative emotions decrease and disappear, relax, calm, light and much more.

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