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Face Reading

"Words can be dishonest, actions can be false-hearted - but a face never lies"

Face reading or physiognomy, is an ancient art of analysing a person’s character based on their facial features. It is a way to interpret the face to learn about the inner person. Every facial feature – such as narrow eyes, big nose, long chin, thick eyebrows etc. – has a psychological meaning. Physiognomy shows the things about faces that can’t be faked or manipulated, so it’s a reliable way to learn about character.

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Face Reading For Knowing Yourself and Personality Development

By analysing the structure of your face, you can uncover your personality, character, preferences and abilities. You can gain important understandings about who you are and what will make you happy. Face reading also reveals your talents and your career. This might help you to find the right job, career path or vocation in life. Your face shows how you deal with money and what kind of worker you are. If you know your strengths and weaknesses, using face reading can help you find the right work-life balance, happiness and even more success.
Your face also tells the story of a life. Every disease, every deficiency, and your health strengths are represented there. You can use this information for your personal recovery or health development. In every face, there is also the path of healing, we just have to follow it.

Face Reading for Recruitment

Face reading can be done subtly. Once the right techniques have been mastered, face reading just comes naturally and is a skill that you can use to identify the right kind of employees e.g. a person with inverted triangular face shape is a thinker and can come up with great ideas. You can hire this person for planning, designing or creative type of work. Similarly, eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth and teeth will tell you the personality traits of a candidate. Thus, face reading can help HR professionals in their recruitment and selection decisions.

Face Reading For Marital Counselling

Face reading can pin-point the exact problem in the marital relationships. Most of the problematic issues which lead to divorce can be addressed by the actual analysis of the person’s character by reading the facial features alone.

Face Reading For Knowing People

The ability to interpret a person's face during conversation or on certain circumstances can lead you to better insights on a person's inner thoughts, feelings, or attitude. Facial features reveal the differences in personality, character, strengths or weaknesses of a person. Every feature in your face holds a significant meaning. So when you are interacting with a person, notice the differences in the facial features of each side of their face. A slight change holds significant meaning, whether it is related to a person's professional or personal life.

Face Reading for Child Upbringing and Parenting

Learning the personality traits from the face of a child offers the chance to get to know him/her in a whole new light. Parents can get a guideline about how to best communicate and engage with each other. Once you learn this, your family is then armed with a powerful set of tools for encouraging innate strengths of your child.

Face Reading For Employee Assessment and Appraisal

To assign greater responsibilities and to know who would do a better job if assigned a particular task, managements can adopt face reading techniques. By getting to know exact personality traits of the employees working in an organization, managers can assign jobs, which coincide with employees’ personalities.

Face Reading For Career Counselling

In today’s tough job market, people can find their best career by looking at their own facial features, because the face is reflective of our unique emotional and psychological style. Whether you are analytical or artistic, whether you would enjoy teaching/counselling or would have a good time in working outdoors can be determined by face reading. So, if someone is seeking a new career, face reading will help achieve the goal.

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Sending Photos

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