Art Of Healing Philosophy

Great messengers of god such as Jesus Christ, Sai Baba & more have blessed us and gifted out world with a beautiful concept of healing. Spiritual healing is one of the ancient & traditional methods which are used to release an individual from mental, emotional & physical illness. It is also used to cure several diseases, which are difficult to cure in these modern days. Spiritual healing can also be done through self-practice or from a professional spiritual healer.

Art of Healing was established by Grandmaster Sharda Karve popularly known as Reiki Healer. It conceptualised these classes and healing centre way back in 1994 with a vision to enhance all dimensions of your being, your mind, body & soul. A genuine urge to help each individual in his/her problems. Art of healing brings you a series of healing methodologies that will help you achieve a peaceful, harmonious, healthy & balanced life.

Know Your Master Healer / Grand Master


Founder Of Art Of Healing

The journey from a housewife to an entrepreneur has been transformative, inspiring and motivating who work as a teacher, consultant, counsellor and reader, has established her firm as an expert in many healing modalities.
She was introduced to Feng Shui in the year 2000 by various masters across the Globe. Her immense dedication & training helped her achieve high level of expertise and is considered to be one of the Brilliant Feng Shui Grandmaster, known for an excellent grip over her teaching, training & classes.
She has attuned / trained more than 5000 students in her healing journey. She has healed more than 10,000 individuals across the globe.
Our core principle is to bring happiness through healing.