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Welcome To Art Of Healing

Great messengers of god such as Jesus Christ, Sai Baba & more have blessed us and gifted out world with a beautiful concept of healing. Spiritual healing is one of the ancient & traditional methods which are used to release an individual from mental, emotional & physical illness. It is also used to cure several diseases, which are difficult to cure in these modern days. Spiritual healing can also be done through self-practice or from a professional spiritual healer.

Art of healing brings you a series of healing methodologies that will help you achieve a peaceful, harmonious, healthy & balanced life. At Art of Healing we not only use ancient methods such as Feng Shui & Reiki but also means like Crystal Healing, Chakra Diagnosis & Balancin & Aura Photography. Our core principle is “Healing for Body, Mind & Soul” & we will make sure that all of us here would thrive to get the same in each and everyone of you.

Ms. Sharda Karve Founder of Art Of Healing

Sharda Karve was blessed to get attuned into Reiki by Mrs Sandhya Sarna in 1994 & has been practicing it ever since. She was introduced to Feng Shui in the year 2000 by Master Lillian Too from Malaysia & subsequently fine tuned her art under various masters like Vincent Koh from Singapore, Peter Leung from Canada, Joey Yap from Malaysia & Master Ken Lai from USA.

Not only she has been practicing various forms of Reiki, like Traditional Reiki, Pranic Healing, Tera-Mai Reiki, Magnifying Reiki, Chakra Diagnosis & Balancing, Grand Mastership Reiki but also has had the opportunity to use her vast knowledge on the subject to train a number of new generation practitioners of this wonderful Art ‘ Reiki’.

Though she took up Feng Shui few years after Reiki, her immense dedication & training by the 5 masters has helped her achieve similar level of expertise as Reiki. Not only does she practices FengShui, but also teaches Basic Feng Shui Techniques as well as Advanced techniques such as Advance Feng Shui, Flying Star, Water Dragon, Four Pillar.

Crystal Healing is another methodology in which she is well versed in. Ethereal Crystal Healing & Advanced Crystal Healing are the two techniques that she uses to help & guide her clients. Visit us at our office in the heart of Pune city for more information.